The 2019 BMW 330i Sports Sedan Takes Its Place at the Top of the Class

The BMW 3 Series has a rich history of turning out luxury sedans that are exceptionally fun rides, and a recent refresh makes the 2019 BMW 330i the newest testament to this. Beautiful in motion or at a standstill, the newest BMW 3 Series also has the tons of ground-breaking features we think many drivers around Glasgow, KY will enjoy and use daily. A lot goes into the BMW 330i to make it the total package that it is, so read on to see some of the aspects we've chosen to highlight!

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A Performance Sedan

Athleticism oozes out of the 2019 BMW 330i whether you're grasping the steering wheel or taking it in from afar. Its sleek, low-profile look makes it incredibly aerodynamic while the distribution of weight between the front and rear is close to even, so acceleration feels smoother and more measured. It's incredibly nimble and Franklin, KY drives won't feel as many bumps with the impressive suspension.

What powers the 2019 BMW 330i? Just the most powerful production four-cylinder in the sports sedan's long history. The new 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo engine houses 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, which provides a feeling of being pulled forward when you're accelerating. An 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission knows the best times to shift, but you can always use the paddle shifters if you prefer having that control yourself.

Sophisticated Cabin Appointments

Enjoying the driving feel of the 2019 BMW 330i is easy even when you're in tight quarters, and the smart design of the cabin plays a part in that ease with which you can feel at home in the luxury sedan. There are 42 inches of legroom for the driver and front passenger while the rear row has loads of head and leg space as well as width when you need to fit three back there. Have golf clubs or other items you don't want taking up space in the cabin? The trunk has 16.9 cubic feet of room, which is a lot for a sedan.

For the finishings of the cabin, Portland, TN car shoppers will have lots of choices to make, but every leather material for the seats and metal or wood accents for the doors feels of the quality you expect from BMW. Modern touches, like brushed aluminum, sit next to wood inlays and among the tech of the cabin for a smart look. We have a ton of new BMW 330i models at our dealership, so the final look of yours is up to you!

Tech and Safety

We mentioned that the 2019 BMW 330i in Bowling Green sits tons of auto tech among the classic materials of the 3 Series, and that tech can aid drivers in many different ways. There's a screen in the dash granting control over the audio and climate systems as well as other adjustable parts of the new BMW luxury sedan, like driving modes, and an available head-up display can project directions and more on the lower part of the windshield. Other features include heated and ventilated seats, a power moonroof, ambient lighting, and rain-sensing wipers.

Smart in both looks and how it drives, the most brilliant of the systems in the 2019 BMW 330i are looking out for your safety. This model comes standard with vehicle monitoring systems like Lane Departure Warning and Frontal Collison Warning, and many more are available too! Of course, airbags and materials to absorb force are still there for if an accident does occur.

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